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Curiosity Kits® Lava Rock Volcano

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Combine art and science when you design your very own Volcano and create a cool chemical reaction.

Use plaster and paint to turn a domed base into a realistic Volcano. Add a tube, funnel, and squeeze bottle so you can control the size and timing of the eruptions. Create your chemical mixture with vinegar and baking soda. Add fake gravel and red coloring to make foaming lava. Perfect for science fairs or home crafting projects! Contents: 1 plaster bandage roll, 1 volcano wrap, 1 plastic funnel, 1 squeeze bottle, 1 PVC plastic tube, 4 acrylic paints, 1 cotton ball, 1 bottle of food coloring, Paint brush, EVA gravel, Baking soda, 2 plastic dinosaurs, Illustrated instructions